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Window Repair Team are your local experts in all aspects of UPVC Window and Door Repair. Offering a full and comprehensive UPVC repair service, whatever your issue is we can help. If you are searching the web for window repair Toddington you have come to the right place.

Double Glazing repairs we regularly carry out are;

  • Fix Blown or Misted Double Glazed Units
  • Fix Smashed or Cracked Windows
  • Faulty Locks and Handles
  • Draughty Windows
  • Windows That Leak Water Inside
  • Conservatory Window Replacement
  • Doors and Windows That Don't Open/Close Properly
  • Broken Window Replacement
  • Cat Flap Installation
  • Perished Gasket Replacement
  • Window Hinge Replacement

Contact us today for a free quote, or just some friendly advice from your local glaziers.

We work regularly in Toddington and are always available to quote for any problems you may be experiencing. We specialise in offering high quality repairs using only the best replacement parts and Double Glazed units. Many repairs can be carried out on the spot, so if you are looking for Double Glazing repair in Toddington then please give us a call.

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Dennis Williams
Dennis Williams
We called in the Window Repair Team to replace a blown window and repair a troublesome leak. Their service and work is of a high standard and they are totally trustworthy. Highly recommend to anyone with problems with their windows.
Alan Dean
Alan Dean
Extremely pleasant and efficient to deal with and a very quick installation,would highly recommend.
Rob deG
Rob deG
This company is about giving people the best advise and service. Can highly recommend if you want a good honest company.
Davina De Gouveia
Davina De Gouveia
FANTASTIC service!! Arrived exactly in time and provided an immediate fix. Great technical knowledge and brilliant repair. Would highly recommend.
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Very respectful, efficient and no fuss or mess. I highly recommend them
Robert John Hunt
Robert John Hunt
Window replaced as promised. Tidied up the border of another window also. Easy to recommend to anyone else.
Julie Babb
Julie Babb
These guys are great!! Thought we were going to need a new window on the 3rd floor of our house but they came readjusted the window replaced a couple of parts and saved us money. Win win!
Umar Aziz
Umar Aziz
Amazing service and job! Found The Window Repair team via google and saw all the positive reviews. Booked them in for a free quote and was cheaper than my Excess. From start to finish Mark was outstanding, I was surprisingly shocked how quickly the job got done and the quality of it. I will definitely be using them again in the future.
Annjo Joy
Annjo Joy
We had an amazing experience. I checked the prices from 5 different window repairing companies and all them gave much higher prices excluding the lock change. Mark checked and gave us many options for us to decide. I got my window replaced and the locks changed at a very reasonable price. They were quick in fixing and cleaned after they left. I would definitely recommend them.
Ellie G
Ellie G
Thank you TY and Mark for your great service!! So pleased with our new windows

Window Repair Team

Our Awesome Services

Cloudy/Misty Glass Replacement

If your double glazed units have blown and are filled with condensation we can quickly and affordably replace your glass like for like. Prices start from as little as £65 per unit.

replacing blown double glazed unit

Smashed Glass Replacement

Accidents happen and if your windows get smashed we can quickly and affordably replace your smashed unit with a brand new one, and dispose of the smashed one. Prices from as little as £65 per unit.

Conservatory Glass Replacement

Conservatories get a lot of sun and that can accelerate the process of the seal in the double glazed units breaking down. This results in condensation between the panes of glass. We can quickly and affordably replace your glass like for like. Prices from as little as £65 per unit.

before and after replacing blown conservatory window

Window Handles

If your window handle is broken you may not be able to open or close your window. We stock a wide range of handles and will have your window functioning properly again for a reasonable price. We replace handles from the low price of £50.

window handle replacement

Window Gasket Repair

Over time the rubber gasket seals on your window may perish and breakdown, letting a draught or water into your home. We can identify the correct replacement and have your conservatory, windows or doors as good as new in no time. Gasket replacement prices start at just £60. 

Window Hinge Repair

If your window is not closing properly, or there is a gap around one or more edges then it's likely your hinges need to be replaced. We can replace any window hinge efficiently and affordably. Prices from as little as £60.

Window Hinge Repair

If your window is not closing properly, or there is a gap around one or more edges then it's likely your hinges need to be replaced. We can replace any window hinge efficiently and affordably. Prices from as little as £60.

Window Locking Mechanism Repair

If your windows will not lock shut then the driver in your locking mechanism has probably failed. We stock all types and sizes and will be able to have your windows safe and secure once again. Mechanism replacement from the low price of £60.

Jammed Window Repair

Old window locking mechanisms can fail whilst the window is locked shut, meaning that window is jammed shut and cannot be opened. We have the experience and the tools to open jammed windows and replace the failed mechanism. Jammed window repair prices start at £60.

warranty image

10 Year Warranty On Window Repairs in Toddington

All double glazed units we replace are covered by our 10 Year Warranty, you can read it here. We only use the best quality products in all our installations and double glazing repairs so you can rest assured that your UPVC windows and doors repaired by us will stand the test of time. 

Get Up to 50% Off With Our Multi-Buy Offer From Your Local Glazier

Our Multi-Buy offer applies to all purchases and allows all our customers to make some massive savings. It's simple, pay full price for your first repaired window or door and get Up To 50% off on all other repairs on the same visit. The bigger the job, the greater the saving, so it really does make sense to have all your UPVC window and door problems fixed at the same time. 

Why are my uPVC windows misty and what can I do about it?

When you have taken the time (and money) to install good quality uPVC double glazed windows into your property, then the last thing that you are going to want to see is that those windows have steamed up and become misty.

Unfortunately, the truth is, no matter the windows that you have installed, there is always a chance that this issue is going to occur.

It is a common misconception that people believe that once their windows are installed, they are just going to look the same, with clear, crisp glass for a lifetime.

The trouble is, just like many things in our homes, over time, windows can become worn and tired.

Whilst the frame may last, the glass that is contained within it can develop faults over time and this means that you end up having to replace the glass within the unit.

before and after of replacing blown window

Why does it happen?

A uPVC double-glazed window is installed as a completely sealed unit. Over time, the seal within the window unit can break down, this means that the moisture that is in the air can get in between the panes of glass and cause them to become misted.

Not only can this mist become unsightly, which takes away from the overall look of your home, but it can also cause the performance of the double glazing to not be quite up to the same standard.

Heat can escape from inside your home, as well as the cold air coming from the outside. Not exactly what you will want for your home.

Is there anything that I can do to stop it?

The truth is that there isn’t really anything that you can do to stop this from happening. Over time, the materials that the seal is made from will break down. The good news is replacement double glazed units can be fitted into your existing frames quickly and easily.


What can I do next?

You may think that because your windows are now misted up, that the only thing that you can do, is to replace them all. However, this does not have to be the case.

Replacing windows can be costly, which may not be something that your budget can currently stretch to. In fact, it is thought that installing brand new double glazed windows in your home, can cost as much as £4500. Whereas repairing windows may only cost around £80.

Why not get in touch with us to find out more about our uPVC window repair service? We can let you know exactly how much you can expect your window repairs to cost, how long the work will take and when we can come out to you to make sure that the exterior of your house looks the best that it can.

We will run through the options that are open to you and that you need to consider and we will make sure that you are aware of how much these options will cost.

Once you have this in mind, we will then let you know what the next steps will be in the process and what you can expect to pay or the work to be carried out.

Finally, we will give you an estimated timeframe, so that you know how long it will be before you have windows (and a home) that you can be proud of.

So, what are you waiting for? Now you know that your windows can look better than ever, get in touch with us to help.

What types of glass can we replace?

It’s not just Toddington that we cover because our services are available further afield. So, take a look at the range of glass options that we offer to see how we can meet your needs:

Energy-Efficient Glass - Becoming energy efficient will help to reduce your energy bill and our Low E glass does just this. It actively reflects external heat to reduce the indoor temperature while it also helps to maintain an ambient internal temperature. 

Georgian Bar or Leaded Glass - We understand that everyone is unique which is why we offer a range of styles. From Georgian bars to external lead designs, we are confident we have what you are looking for. All units will be measured precisely to ensure a like a like swap with the existing unit.

Toughened or Laminated Glass - Offering safety and security, our durable and toughened glass will give you complete peace of mind. It is a legal requirement to install this specification of glass in certain areas of your home.

Like-for-Like Replacements - Whatever your needs, we can offer like-for-like replacements, ensuring you retain the look of your home.

Smashed window repair in Bedford, church lane

Energy Rated Glass Will Save Money on Your Energy Bills At Your Property

You can save money on your energy bills by installing energy efficient glass in your doors and windows. The latest technology allows for the glass to reflect the heat back into your property, whilst also reflecting UV light and solar heat from the sun back outside. This keeps your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. According to the Energy Saving Trust, an average 3 bed semi can save around £195 a year on your heating bill by installing energy efficient glass.

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    We Cover Toddington Town And Surrounding Areas

    Toddington has a population of over 4,000 people, and while it may be a small town it certainly has lots of history.

    Toddington Manor, a majestic Grade I listed mansion, stands as a testament to Toddington's heritage and past.

    Toddington Railway Station, a beautifully preserved Victorian gem, is a focal point of the village and a beloved landmark for railway enthusiasts. Home to the award-winning heritage railway, the Bedfordshire Railway Centre, the station offers visitors a nostalgic journey back in time aboard lovingly restored steam trains and vintage carriages, allowing them to experience the golden age of rail travel in all its glory.

    The Church of St. George, with its ancient stone tower and striking architecture, serves as a spiritual and cultural centre piece for the community.

    Toddington Castle is known today as Conger Hill Motte, it dates back to before the 13th century.

    Toddington is close to lots of large towns and cities so residents can enjoy the peacefulness of the village life whilst being close to large towns with more amenities.


    Double Glazing Repairs by the Window Repair Team

    Remember, if you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We are here to assist you and provide you with all the information you need to transform your home with quality double glazing replacement and repair.

    A: We are the leading Toddington experts in double glazing repairs, offering exceptional service, unrivalled quality, and unbeatable value. Our team of skilled professionals ensures your windows and door repairs are carried out to the highest standard.

    A: We take pride in our service and provide the highest quality workmanship. We use the finest products and materials to deliver long-lasting results. Our service offers competitive prices and flexible scheduling options to carry out all repairs.

    A: We can replace any type of failed double glazing, including leaded or Georgian bar windows, bay windows, patio doors, door panels and frosted glass. Our expertise covers a wide range of options to suit your preferences and style.

    A: Yes, in most cases your window or french doors, or any aspect of your UPVC double glazing can be repaired. Our service covers window handles, locks, hinges, glass units and gaskets. Whatever your problem, we can help.

    A: Certainly, you can nearly always just replace the glass in double glazing, with the exception of some front doors. If you live in Toddington, or the surrounding areas, please contact us for a free quote on glass replacement or any other repairs.

    A: Double glazing repairs enhance the look and security of your home. It provides improved insulation, energy efficiency, and security. By repairing your double glazing in Toddington, you can save thousands on new installations.

    A: Draughty double glazing can be caused by a variety of issues. If you have a draughty window it could be the hinge or the gasket needs replacing. We can repair all draught problems with your windows and doors in Toddington.

    A: Yes, we offer a 10 Year Warranty on new double glazed units we install. And a 1 Year warranty on all locks and hinges. Our team takes pride in delivering long-lasting results on every job. Please discuss the specific warranty details with our team during the consultation.

    A: This depends on a lot factors, such as; quality of windows and doors installed, the standard of how they were installed and if your property gets a lot of direct sunlight. In many cases the frames can last 30+ years, the glass units and moving parts have a much shorter life. However, if you live in Toddington we can replace those parts quickly and efficiently.

    A: Window Repair Team offer all our services across Toddington and the surrounding areas. Please contact us to inquire if we provide services in your area.

    A: The duration of the process depends on various factors such as the size and complexity of the project. Window Repair Team will provide you with an estimated timeline during the consultation phase to give you a clear understanding of the expected timeframe.

    A: Certainly, you can nearly always just replace the glass in double glazing, with the exception of some front doors. If you live in Toddington, or the surrounding areas, please contact us for a free quote if you need replacement double glazing units.

    A: The cost of replacement double glazing units will depend on the type of glass, size of unit and type of spacer bar. We can supply, fit and dispose of your old double glazing for as little as £60.