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Window Repair Team are your local experts in Blown Window Glass Replacement. We can provide replacement windows for the failed Double Glazed units in your UPVC Window and Doors. 

We can replace Double Glazed Window units;

  • Blown Windows  - Condensation inside the units 
  • Cracked Windows 
  • Conservatory Windows
  • Frosted Windows
  • Smashed Windows 
  • Leaded Windows
  • Georgian Bar Windows
  • Door Glass

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Mel Hughes
Mel Hughes
Excellent company. Quick to quote, a good price, quickly and efficiently done. Excellent work. Thanks.
Rita Collinson
Rita Collinson
Good job done. The guys that did the job were very friendly and did a good job. Very pleased and would recommend
Victor Benjamin
Victor Benjamin
Very lovely service,Straight forward told me what was needed gave me a quote,Window problem was solved,Credit card machine payment,All very straight forward & a very polite & helpful company,from speaking to office to the repair person Every thing was Excellent and i have kept their number as i will definitely use them again,Without Hesitation & i will give my friends & family the number of their company too.EXCELLENT.
r a
r a
Replacement glass job done,good service.
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts
Very quick and efficient.
Leighton James
Leighton James
Fast efficient and friendly service
Joanna Zawadzka
Joanna Zawadzka
Really happy that my window is no longer stuck and opens again! Despite a more challenging job, the team managed to fix it in under an hour. Kind and polite, I can recommend them!
Florjan Rus
Florjan Rus
Quick and professional, good communication. Job delivered as quoted and discussed.
Very efficient service, Very competitive price, excellent communication throughout, we are very pleased with the completed work. We will use Window Repair Team again, they are highly recommended by us.
paul stuart
paul stuart
What a great service..lovely people, prompt, no fuss and excellent price.
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10 Year Warranty in Houghton Regis

All double glazed units we replace are covered by our 10 Year Warranty, you can read it here. We only use the best quality products in all our installations and repairs so you can rest assured that your UPVC windows and doors repaired by us will stand the test of time.

Get up to 50% off With Our Multi-Buy Offer in Houghton Regis

Our Multi-Buy offer applies to all purchases and allows all our customers to make some massive savings. It's simple, pay full price for your first repaired window or door and get Up To 50% off on all other repairs on the same visit. The bigger the job, the greater the saving, so it really does make sense to have all your UPVC window and door problems fixed at the same time. 

before and after of replacing blown window

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Window Glass Replaced?

A question we are often asked when it comes to fixing double-glazing glass faults is how much it is going to cost. Of course, we cannot guarantee a price until we take a look at your particular issue, but replacing glass into an existing frame, can cost as little as £60.

So, no matter the style of your windows; Georgian Bar or Leaded Glass, we can ensure that your new double-glazed units look the best that they can for as long as possible.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Blown Windows?

A question we are often asked when it comes to fixing double-glazing glass faults is how much it is going to cost. Of course, we cannot guarantee a price until we take a look at your particular issue, but replacing glass into an existing frame, can cost as little as £60.

So, no matter the style of your windows; Georgian Bar or Leaded Glass, we can ensure that your new double-glazed units look the best that they can for as long as possible.

before and after of replacing blown window

How will I know that my window glass needs to be replaced?

When we have double glazing installed in our properties, we want to know that the glass and the units themselves are going to stand the test of time.

Whilst, for the most part, these units are going to last, there are still times when they may develop an issue or fault that means that they don’t perform, look or work the way that they used to, or that you want them to.

But, considering that you are not an expert in uPVC windows, how will you know that the glass within these window units is going to need to be replaced?

before and after of replacing smashed window with new double glazed unit

What needs to happen?

The signs that your double-glazing unit glass needs to be replaced

One of the main signs that something is wrong with your double glazing is that there is a build-up of condensation between the panes of glass. This is down to the seal, that keeps the moisture out of the unit, breaking down. This can just happen over time and is often part of the general wear and tear of double-glazed window units.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should just ignore the issue. When you spot the fogging which is a tell-tale sign of condensation, then you must take action straight away!

before and after of replacing smashed window with new double glazed unit

Streamlined Glass Replacement Procedure

When you notice that there is an issue with your double-glazed windows then you need to ensure that you arrange for the glass to be replaced. The good news is that when you choose a glass replacement expert, like us, this process is quick and easy.

We will come to you and take a look at your current windows. We will advise you on the issue, what steps need to be taken to rectify this and how much it is likely to cost you.

We will advise you on the different options that you can consider, as well as any upgrades that you may be able to include. Examples of this are Energy Efficient glass.

You should expect your new glass to be installed within 2 weeks, however, we will give you an estimate when you speak to us over the phone or in person.

Do You Want to Save Money on Your Energy Bills?

You can save money on your energy bills by installing energy efficient glass. The latest technology, such as a Planitherm Low-E double glazed unit, allows for the glass to reflect the heat back into your property, whilst also reflecting UV light and solar heat from the sun back outside. This keeps your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. According to the Energy Saving Trust, an average 3 bed semi can save around £195 a year on your heating bill by replacing your existing glazing with double glazed energy efficient glass.

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    We Cover Houghton Regis And Surrounding Areas

    Houghton Regis is home to approximately 17,000 people. It’s convenient location, next to many prominent towns make it an ideal place for commuters.

    Houghton Regis is considerably older than its neighbour Dunstable and is even mentioned in the Domesday Book, when it was referred to as Houstone.

    Houghton Regis is famous locally for Houghton Hall. It was originally built for Dame Alice Milard, with construction starting in 1654 and it was finally completed in 1700.

    The arrival of the railway in the 1800’s transformed the area and brought lots of people and industries to the area.

    The outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 brought many evacuees to Houghton, fleeing London for safer areas of the country.

    The town is bordered by the Chiltern Hills. It was once a small village before it emerged as a common London overspill area in the 1950’s and 60’s.

    Recent times have seen large levels of housing development in the area, and the completion of the A5505 Woodside Link has linked Houghton Regis to the new junction (11a) of the M1.

    Houghton Regis Hullabaloo is a free annual festival held every September in Houghton Regis.


    Double Glazing Replacement by the Window Repair Team

    Remember, if you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We are here to assist you and provide you with all the information you need to transform your home with quality double glazing replacement and repair.

    A: We are the leading Houghton Regis experts in replacing double glazing units, offering exceptional service, unrivalled quality, and unbeatable value. Our team of skilled professionals ensures your windows and doors look beautiful and function optimally.

    A: We take pride in our commitment to providing the highest quality workmanship. We use the finest double glazed units and materials to deliver long-lasting results. Our service offers competitive prices and flexible scheduling options in Houghton Regis and surrounding areas.

    A: We can replace any type of failed double glazing, including leaded or Georgian bar windows, patio doors, and frosted glass. Our expertise covers a wide range of options to suit your preferences and style of sealed unit.

    A: You can schedule a consultation by calling us at 0330 133 8390 or filling out the form on our website. Our flexible scheduling options allow us to accommodate your needs, whether it's during weekdays, weekends, or evenings. We can cover all your double glazing needs in Houghton Regis and the surrounding areas.

    A: Double glazed unit replacement enhances the look and security of your home. It provides improved insulation, energy efficiency, and security. By repairing your double glazing in Houghton Regis, you can save thousands on new installations.

    A: The duration of the process depends on various factors such as the size and complexity of the project. Window Repair Team will provide you with an estimated timeline during the consultation phase to give you a clear understanding of the expected timeframe.

    A: Yes, we offer a 10 Year Warranty on every new double glazed unit we install. And a 1 Year warranty on all locks and hinges. Our team takes pride in delivering long-lasting results on every job. Please discuss the specific warranty details with our team during the consultation.

    A: Yes, in addition to double glazing replacement, Window Repair Team offers a range of other double glazing related services in Houghton Regis and the surrounding areas. These include all aspects of double glazing repair. Our team is equipped to handle all double glazing related needs.

    A: Window Repair Team serves Houghton Regis and the surrounding areas. Please contact us to inquire if we provide services in your area.

    A: In almost every case it is worth repairing double glazed units. If your frames are still structurally sound but the double glazed glass has condensation inside, you just require a like for like glass replacement. We can match the glass type and spacer bar, or you can upgrade to energy efficient glass to save money on your heating bill. We also replace your UPVC door panel if it is damaged.

    A: Certainly, you can nearly always just replace the glass in double glazing, with the exception of some front doors. If you live in Houghton Regis, or the surrounding areas, please contact us for a free quote if you need replacement double glazing units.

    A: The cost of replacement double glazing units will depend on the type of glass, size of unit and type of spacer bar. We can supply, fit and dispose of your old double glazing for as little as £65.