10 Year Warranty - Terms of Service

Home Improvements TM Ltd (14762482) T/A Window Repair Team

1. This is a self-financed guarantee, not backed by insurance, provided by HOME IMPROVEMENTS TM LTD (14762482) T/A Window Repair Team. 1 Fordcombe Lea, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes, England, MK7 6JL (Guarantor).

2. This Warranty pertains to double-glazed glass units (Units) installed in the United Kingdom by Window Repair Team (trading name of HOME IMPROVEMENTS TM LTD)

3. Conditional upon the terms outlined herein, the Guarantor commits to replacing (including installation) any faulty Unit supplied and installed by Window Repair Team. The defect must be reported in writing to the Guarantor within 10 years from the installation date.

4. This Warranty exclusively covers the glass within a Unit and does not extend to any associated hardware (e.g., handles, locks, fixings, gaskets).

5. This Warranty covers glass material defects, except for the following:


a. Accidental damage;

b. Vandalism or criminal activity involving a Unit;

c. Theft of a Unit;

d. Damage resulting from misuse;

e. Instances of thermal stress;

f. Glass cracks not reported within 4 weeks of installation;

g. Minor cosmetic concerns such as colour fading;

h. Normal wear and tear.

6. All installation work must be performed by a person designated by Window Repair Team. Unit replacement is subject to your reasonable provision of access at an appropriate time for the replacement process.

7. The Guarantor will make reasonable efforts to closely match replacement Units with the original ones, but an exact match may not always be feasible as products become discontinued over time.

8. Glass used in Units may have minor imperfections The Guarantor is not obliged to replace such glass units unless it falls under the 3 year warranty provided by the glass manufacturer, which covers faults (including failed seals).

9. This Warranty is non-transferable and exclusively applies to you. It cannot be transferred to another individual.

10. The seal on double glazed units is covered by the manufacturer warranty, no less than 3 years on all new double glazed units supplied by Window Repair Team

11. Your statutory rights related to goods supplied by Window Repair Team (including the Unit) remain unaffected by this Warranty.